Orbis provides architects, interior architects, fire door manufacturers, contractors, door manufacturers, hardware wholesalers and key-makers with services at international standards in door control systems and accessories, door closing mechanism (spiral spring), intumescent acoustic fire and smoke seals, fireproofing paints, varnishes and other fireproofing products since 2002.

The products used in architectural projects change fast day by day with the technology developing continuously. Orbis presents these innovations throughout the world to its business partners for their recognition under the leadership of long-lasting products with its knowledge and experience in fast supply chain.

Orbis is increasingly growing by expanding its product range in the door control systems, architectural hardware sector with fire-resistant products and it tries to make your interior designs more safe, hygienic and innovative and meets architectural and technological need of the industry.

Orbis possesses international quality certificates and patents of its own brand, a miraculous design and performance masterpiece, fire-resistant door closing mechanism (spiral spring), fire seals and other fire-resistant products.


as Orbis and Homeorbis (Trade Mark) have had the opportunity to work with people from many countries up to now. We have achieved to make our relations permanent with these opportunities we caught.

Our goal is to present the NEWEST and HIGHEST QUALITY products manufactured in the industry in Turkey and World at the most favorable price with a service approach special for you.

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Orbis Team

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